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Generating Your Own Solar Leads vs. Buying Leads

As a professional in the solar industry, you must take a proactive role in your pathway toward the installation of additional solar farms and panels and the overall success of your company. Many businesses may try to generate solar leads in-house. Unfortunately, generating leads in-house leads to an array of potential problems and, ultimately, lost revenue. The primary benefits of purchasing leads from an outside company are the cost of creation of in-house lead generation efforts, inexperienced employees, and the inability to access additional technical data regarding such leads. Before you make a definite decision on how your company would like to generate and pursue leads, think about these points.

Cost of Brining Lead Generation Services In-House

Generating leads in-house sounds like an effective way to cut out the middleman, or the lead-generation company. However, lead-generation efforts have a mountainload of expenses you will need to consider. You will need to create a call center to handle incoming calls, customer complaints and assistance with obtaining solar live transfers. Furthermore, you will need to invest in all the necessary resources to create such a center. For example, you will need to purchase desks, filing cabinets and an army of computers, printers, voice over Internet protocol services, and hundreds of other items. After you have completed paying for all the necessary physical expenses, you will begin to incur the costs of the employees.

Hiring and Training Processes

When you hire an outside lead-generation company, you can focus on providing your solar services and meeting with potential customers during your solar appointments. However, bringing lead generation efforts in-house requires your human resources department to actively seek out telemarketing — that is, lead-generation — employees for hire. After dealing with the background checks, pre-employment drug screens and possibly pre-employment physicals, you will need to train these employees. Consider the following example:

You hire 100 employees to work in your theoretical call center. Each employee makes a wage of $400 per week for 40 hours. This amounts to a weekly employee cost of $400,000 to simply generate your leads in-house. Now, over the course of one year, you will spend $20 million on this group of 100 employees. Wouldn’t you rather spend a fraction of that cost and still attain the same leads, if not more viable ones, to begin with?

An outsourced lead-generation company eliminates this cost by providing you with what you ultimately want: viable leads. You do not have to worry about the costs of hiring, training or providing additional employee benefits, which we did not even cover in the example cost.  Furthermore, purchased leads have a finite cost that will remain impervious to inflation and employee issues. The employees of a lead-generation company also have an extensive background in locating leads, nurturing leads and providing you with leads that are practically already your customers.


Advanced IT Lead-Generation Efforts

The last major benefit of purchasing leads rather than generating leads has to do with technology. Unlike solar energy harvesting, lead generation requires an intricate analysis of personal information before a potential customer even contacts your business. For example, an online passerby may notice your site but leave before he or she actively shows interest in the service. Purchased leads come directly from this type of traffic, which requires advanced computer programming skills. Basically, an outside company has the resources necessary to stay up-to-date on the latest information technology trends and technologies, which will give you a larger pool of viable leads. Furthermore, an outside entity can take advantage of multiple online, in-person and over-the-phone opportunities to generate such leads due to the broad number of advertising and digital marketing experiences and connections the company has built up in the past.

Think back on our example of in-house lead generation. You may be able to access a few minimal resources, such as programmatic advertising through streaming music providers, but you may be unable to access the details embedded within HTML encoding. Also, you do not have the time to dig through a simple IP address to locate which server the visitor used and follow the trail to the respective visitor to set up a solar appointment.

When you compare the potential costs of in-house lead generation versus outsourced lead purchases, your most economical and viable solution rests with purchased leads. True, some leads may not pan out, but your in-house efforts could easily supersede any potential costs incurred from lost purchased leads. Fortunately, purchased leads are already past all of the necessary steps to turn leads into customers; you only need to introduce yourself and provide the lead, your customer, with what he or she wants to purchase.  Realistically, our example of 100 employees working on leads would not be enough to actually give you many viable leads, and the in-house estimated cost of generating solar leads of $20 million could quickly become $20 billion. Can your solar business afford to take such a large financial hit?

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Rob GoodrichGenerating Your Own Solar Leads vs. Buying Leads

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