Form Analytics

Web form analytics can provide data that shows how many visitors attempted to fill out the form, the number of attempted submissions, and the number of failed submissions. It can help you determine which fields are producing the most errors. In addition, form analytics will provide information about the number of times users have returned to a specific field following an attempt to submit the form. You can also find out which fields are left blank most often as well as the length of time users require to complete certain fields.

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Understanding your Visitors

Approximately 20 percent of visitors claim they abandon forms because the process is taking too long. Requesting redundant information doesn’t ensure its accuracy – only that the fields match. It requires additional effort from the user and may lead to abandonment. Sometimes the user does not understand what information is being requested in a given field. Buttons may not be clear, making the form difficult to navigate. These are examples of things that frustrate visitors and lead to a loss of customers.

  • Avoid Costly Form Errors

    Online forms are a critical part of the lead generation process. You expend the time and money to drive traffic to your site and capture the visitors’ interest only to lose a certain percentage of them after they have decided to give you their information. Without analytics, any errors with your form can undetected for days if not months at all, costing you thousands of sales.

  • Improve Form Conversions

    Data obtained from form analytics can be used to significantly increase conversions. Proper labeling of fields clarifies the information required and simplifies the process for the user. If the form requires clicking a button or link to navigate or carry out an action, it should be clearly marked or else the user may not know where to go next. Data analytics can reveal where these and other improvements to the form can be made.

  • Form Abandonment

    In addition to tracking form abandonment statistics, the software captures information as it is entered into the form. This information is retained even if the form is not submitted. If an e-mail address was entered before the form was abandoned, we can send offers to encourage the visitor to return and complete the form. This software is only available through our company. We provide innovative solutions to ensure the highest conversions possible.

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Form Analytics