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Finding new customers who are ready to switch to solar energy is a constant battle. While you could generate solar leads internally, this is not always the best use of your time and resources. That is where Beacon Leads succeeds. We offer highly qualified solar leads and strive to be transparent about the process—never over promising.

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Solar Lead Products

We understand the solar industry, and our solar leads are highly refined to help your company succeed. We know why consumers may be interested in your product and services, so we know how to target customers who are most serious about moving forward with the installation process. In addition, we have a unique analytic system, allowing us to provide you with highly qualified solar leads—leads that are likely to turn into conversions.

Live Transfer

Solar live transfers are phone calls from consumers who are interested in solar energy and want to speak with you about their solar options. These are qualified prospects, ready to learn more about solar and possibly schedule an in home consultation.

Best Value

  • Exclusive
  • 100% Contact Rate
  • Real Time
  • Qualified Prospect
  • Expressed Interest
  • Robust Filtering
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Solar appointment leads are consumers who are ready to move forward with an in home consultation with your solar expert. You will find that these consumers are further along in their decision to transition to solar energy.

Web Lead

Solar web leads are consumers who have been targeted online and expressed interest in learning more about solar energy. They filled out a short form requesting solar energy companies to reach out and talk to them about potential products.

Tried & True

  • Exclusive
  • High Contact Rate
  • Real Time
  • Qualified Prospect
  • Expressed Interest
  • Robust Filtering
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Additional Products

Looking for tools to succeed? Learn more about our other products and services.

TV Advertising

We pinpoint programs where that demographic flourishes and focus on getting TV ad placements during those programs.

Radio Advertising

For a quick boost to your current lead generation efforts, consider taking the traditional media approach and attracting attention with the help of radio advertising.

Solar Appointments

Consumers who have expressed interest in meeting with a solar panel expert in their home for a consultation.

Solar Live Transfers

Live phone calls with qualified consumers who are ready to learn more about solar energy.

Solar Web Leads

Consumers who have expressed interest in learning more through an online form.

Web Analytics

Identify your anonymous website visitors. The tool your business needs to turn visitors into leads in real-time!

Form Analytics

Meaningful and measurable data from visitors filling out your online form.

Direct Mail

A strategic and adaptive direct mail marketing campaign can help your business stand out and get an edge on the competition.

We want each and every client to be completely satisfied with the leads we send their way.

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