Solar Live Transfers

Our live transfer leads stem from conversations that we have had with consumers who have expressed a heightened interest in purchasing solar energy. And this makes all of the difference to your Return on Investment (ROI). Now, you can buy leads that represent interested consumers. When you buy with Beacon Leads, you are enhancing your ROI – you are finding pre-vetted, ready-to-buy consumers.

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Why Partner with Beacon Leads

At Beacon Leads, we believe in offering solar live transfers that are well-researched, high-quality, and likely to bring your business a new solar sale. Our live transfers are based on actual, live phone calls that our representatives have had with consumers who are ready to make the move to solar energy. These leads represent consumers who are ready to be contacted by your sales team. They want to learn more about why they should work with you. And most importantly… they are ready to buy

  • Hassle Free

    Save your sales team time and money by providing them leads to interested consumers.

  • Say goodbye to cold calling

    Our solar live transfer leads are already pre-vetted.

  • Avoid resold leads

    We sell our leads once.

  • Work with a trusted partner

    We have years of experience providing professional lead services to the solar industry.

  • Discover the ROI benefit of targeted solar leads

    Leave the targeting to us and reap all of the benefits.

  • Quality solar installation leads

    We believe in quality over quantity.

Our Products

Take a proactive approach and see how we can assist in your efforts to acquire the right customers.

Mortgage Live Transfers

Connect your representatives with qualified and interested mortgage consumers.

Mortgage Data

300+ comprehensive data attributes on homeowners.

Mortgage Web Leads

Consumers who have expressed interest in learning more through an online form.

Solar Appointments

Consumers who have expressed interest in meeting with a solar panel expert in their home for a consultation.

Solar Live Transfers

Live phone calls with qualified consumers who are ready to learn more about solar energy.

Solar Web Leads

Consumers who have expressed interest in learning more through an online form.

Web Analytics

Identify your anonymous website visitors. The tool your business needs to turn visitors into leads in real-time!

Form Analytics

Meaningful and measurable data from visitors filling out your online form.

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Solar Live Transfers